Prayerfully Supported Missionaries

(See "Supported Missionaries" as well)
Jim & Karen Kornelsen

Jim is currently supporting linguistics and Bible translation in South Asia through computer development projects in Dallas, Texas. Karen is serving as a Counselor Intern at the International Linguintics Center in Dallas. She helps Wycliffe Bible Translators members who have been through difficult life events - both on and off the field - to achieve stability and emotional health, so they can continue with their role of Bible Translation around the world.  

Ron & Joy Hemsworth

After twenty-six years of ministry in the pastorate, the Lord led Ron & Joy to raise support to serve on staff at Missionary Acres. Missionary Acres has been owned by Baptist Mid-Missions for the past 54 years and provides affordable housing to retired Baptist missionaries, pastors, and full-time Christian workers. The Hemsworths serve at Missionary Acres on-staff doing maintenance, resident care, local church outreach, and representing the ministry on the road part-time.

Don Shire Ministries

Internationally known, Don uses the avenue of his amazing trumpet playing to combine concerts and evangelism. He also has opened orphanages and widow's homes, through the generosity of God's people, in India and Haiti.

Gary & Sandy Parker

The Parkers serve with Word of Life Fellowship as Director and wife of an WOL Institute in Belem, Para, Brazil. This is located in the Amazon area of northern Brazil. Learn more about their ministry here. This was the site of the June 2017 church's mission trip.

Rick & Kim Parker

Rick & Gary are brothers and have worked side by side in missionary service in the Amazon area for most of their missionary career with Word of Life Fellowship. Ten years ago, God led Rick & Kim to begin a boat ministry in Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil, in which they are reaching Amazonians for Christ by traveling by boat to these villages along the Amazon River. The Parkers also host several missions trips per year, including medical mission trip. Our church participated on one in March 2014. Here is a you tube link that fully explains their boat ministry.

Prairie du Chien, WI Correctional Institution and Prison Ministry

Religious services are offered to a base of 512 adult male inmates with an average of 200 volunteers helping in these areas. Pastor Duane Smith volunteers every Monday morning to inmates who wish to receive one-on-one Biblical counseling.

Midwest MBTC (Cresco Rescue Mission)

Formerly known as “Cresco Rescue Mission,” Midwest MBTC (Missions Bible Training Center) focuses on helping individuals overcome substance abuse and addiction by a four-phase program. Midwest MBTC is a division of Mission Teens, which also has many other locations across the USA. The four phases help the individual gradually break free of addictions grip and build their sober lifestyle. Gradually, the individual gains more privileges and responsibilities. Once they finish the program, they may also be offered a 10–12-month staff training program. Midwest MBTC programs offer FREE treatment services for those who cannot afford treatment otherwise. This organization is a non-for-profit organization and functions solely on donations.

Living Waters Bible Camp

LWBC is a scenic year-round Christian camp nestled in a beautiful valley in southwestern Wisconsin, which displays the wonders of God's creation. Living Waters Bible Camp is committed to salvation through Jesus Christ, God's Son, and making everyone complete in Christ from children to adults. They seek to glorify God by providing an environment where diverse people of all ages can hear His Word and develop a meaningful relationship with Jesus Christ. They believe that the camp experience is a tool that God has used for years to bring individuals and families closer to Him as they draw near to His creation and take a break from their everyday lives that are so often full of distractions. Their Christian summer camps have been serving individuals and families since 1970.

Village Creek Bible Camp

VCBC is situated on 220 acres  of some of the prettiest land in the upper midwest. Its facilities can comfortably serve groups up to 250 for retreats and 200 campers during their summer camping season. Their mission is to "provide an environment away from the distractions of everyday life, where people can hear the Word of God and encounter Jesus through the power of the Holy Spirit."