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First Baptist is a very mission-minded church. Our goal is to have a part in the local, national, and worldwide evangelism of the lost; and the baptism, and teaching of the new convert in local, autonomous New Testament churches. Where New Testament churches do not exist, our endeavor will be to aid in the support of the missionaries in establishing such churches for the regular meeting of the believers to worship and glorify God. In addition, our role is to support missionaries who are directly involved with evangelizing the lost, baptizing believers, discipling, and edifying the saints in the local church, who direct converts to the local church for this purpose, or missionaries involved in support ministries.

"Faith-giving is a promise we make to the missionary of a certain amount."

Our mission giving policy is "faith-giving." Faith-giving is a promise we make to the missionaries of a certain amount. General Missions giving are funds that are distributed to missionaries we as a church support. In addition to supporting missionaries financially, we also support prayerfully many individuals and organizations. A Missionary Directory is available for those interested in learning more information about our missionaries, and to pray for them more effectively. We also have an active missions committee that seeks to promote missions in general with our congregation, to inform the congregation of our current missionaries' news, and to support mission trips from our church. An overseas mission trip is planned every four years, and in the past, we have traveled abroad to Canada, and thrice to Brazil, South America. 


2009 Teen Mission Trip

This mission trip was organized by Pastor Duane & Cristina Smith and involved FBC's youth group members. They spent ten days in Vitoria da Conquista, Bahia, Brazil, where BGFM-Global missionaries David & Debbie Thompson hosted them, and the team gave a Gospel presentation of drama, puppets, songs, object lessons and testimony.

2013 Brazil Mission Trip

This mission trip was to Vitoria da Conqusita, Bahia, Brazil and involved FBC's youth group members and adults who put on a presentation of puppets, drama, songs and testimony. Our audiences were mostly public school children and the focus was very evangelistic. Our hosts were missionaries David & Debbie Thompson with BGFM-Global.

2014 Amazon Medical Mission Trip

This mission trip was a group of medical professionals and volunteers that spent ten days together on a boat helping villagers along the Amazon River with medical and spiritual needs. Their hosts were Rick & Kim Parker (Word of Life Fellowship) in Manaus, Brazil.

2015 Biblical Tour of Israel

In April of 2015, Pastor Duane organized a 10-Day Biblical Tour of Israel, "Walk in the Footsteps of Jesus." Five people from Waukon joined a group for a total of sixteen people in Israel and were greatly blessed by their tour and experiences while in Israel.

2017 Brazil Mission Trip

In June of 2017, thirteen members from First Baptist Church went to the Amazon area of northern Brazil - Benevides, Para - for twelve days. Word of Life missionaries, Gary & Sandy Parker, were the gracious hosts. The team presented to public schools and churches a 45-minute presentation of drama, puppets, songs and translated testimonies. In addition, the team became acquainted with the "Creative Hands Ministry", which is a ministry to a community that makes their living off of the city dump. The team also spent an overnight in the Amazon jungle and visited an island on the Amazon River where a small town is thriving living off the land and fish. It was a once-in-a-lifetime mission trip and lives were changed because of it!

2018 Ark Encounter / Creation Museum (a tour)

On July 23-26 of 2019, thirty-eight people from First Baptist Church and surrounding communities enjoyed a bus tour to KY & back to visit the Ark Encounter and Creation Museum. Five state lines were crossed and 562 miles (one-way) traveled in that amount of time! One day was spent at each location, and the amount of Biblical information and facts at both places was incredible! The group also was privileged to hear Ken Ham speak at the Creation Museum, too. Overall, the trip was amazing!

March 2025 Biblical Tour of Israel is being planned; please contact Pastor Duane Smith for further information.

June 2025 Brazil Mission Trip is presently planned and involves those who are members or faithful attendees of our church; please contact Pastor Duane Smith for further information.